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The Dog Who Never Did Anything - life lessons from Snoopy

Snoopy remembers it this way,

"You stay home now," they said, "and be a good dog."

So he stayed home and was a good dog.

Then he decided to be even a better dog. So he barked at everyone who went by. And he even chased the neighbor's cats.

"What's happened to you?" they said. "You used to be such a good dog."

So he stopped barking and chasing cats, and everyone said, "You're a good dog."

The moral, as Snoopy typed it, is "Don't do anything and you'll be a good dog."



Don't Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be

The Peanuts Gang, again from Snoopy

Don't be a leaf if you can be the tree,
don't be a raindrop if you can be the sea
`Cause a leaf may fall but the tree remains
It may never rain at all but the sea remains
Better to be the tree and the sea, see?

Simply put, be all that you can be.


"The most well-known of Peanuts anthems, Happiness is a beautiful song from the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and talks about finding happiness in any small thing..."




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